Sacrificial Anode

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It is nearly always the case that when a water storage cylinder springs the dreaded leak, the homeowner realise that the water inside and the the very materal that the cylinder is made from are unfortunately not very compatible and will have actually conspired to create the leak between them. Crystal Palace Plumbers can fit anodes for water tanks. The homeowner will also be blissfully unaware that there is actually a device fitted inside the vessel to stop this from happening. A rod called an anode?(sacrificial anode) is fitted. The anode counteracts the chemical reaction that occurs between water and metal by rotting away instead of the cylinder wall. As long the anode is erroding the damage is greatly reduced. Unfotunately it is not possible to see the condition of the anode by just looking at your water heater. A Crystal Palace Plumber is trained to work on all systems. The anode should be visually checked for deterioration at least twice a year, this gives an indication of how long the anode will last. This is so the replacement can be factored into a maintenance schedule accordingly if required. This anode can be replaced, but there are very many different types around, so make sure the new one is the right one. You can find the information for the system on a label on the water-heater housing. To replace: Firstly, isolate the power to the heater and the cold water inlet valve on the top of the heater. Unscrew the hex bolt holding the cathodic anode in place and remove the old one or what remains. Install the new anode. Fit the new piece in the reverse order that old one was removed. Be sure to use Teflon tape on the threaded fitting to prevent a leak. Turn the water and power to the water heater back on.

August 6, 2014

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