Blocked toilet Crystal Palace

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The toilet is an essential space at home that we use every day. Sometimes the WC has trouble and it fails to drain the water. In the worst cases, the water overflows instead of going down. This means that the toilet has a blockage inside. The water could be trapped in the compartment. It is important to check the whole system to learn what caused the blocked toilet Crystal Palace. The waste pipes could have been blocked by something, so it has to be pushed with a toilet plunger.A large plunger is a functional tool to remove the block. Pumping the base several times will give pressure on the inner pipe. Repeat the process several times until the water can be drained. As the blockage is now gone, the waste water can rapidly flow down.However, some cases may not be solved just using a plunger. The blockage can happen further along, so it is suggested to use a large rod auger to reach the blocked spot inside the pipework where the plunger cant go. Turn the claw so the auger can be directed up to where the obstruction takes place. And then dislodge it using the handle.Another case that can possibly occur is that there is sewage sitting in the pipe. If this happens indoors, you can unscrew the pipe and make sure that you have a plastic bag underneath for the water to flow. When dealing with a toilet blockage, there can be many factors as to why it happens. If you are experiencing a blocked toilet Crystal Palace, its important to seek a professional technician who knows exactly what to do with the blockage.

March 9, 2016

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