Green Options for Water Heaters

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The typical water heater fitted in your home runs all day and night to keep a large mass of water hot and ready for use. For a more eco-friendly experience, try alternatives that offer the same hot water without the constant energy use. Below are three tips for you to consider:Try a Tank-less Water Heater.This water heater heats only the water you that you use. Cold water comes in at the bottom, where an highly efficient gas powered heater very quickly brings the water to a near boil. When you shut off the hot water, the heater shuts down. You should position this heater close to the kitchen area or the bath so the water doesnt need to travel very far. Tank-less water heaters cost about twice as much as?standard water heaters, but the energy and water savings will pay for the tank-less heater within one to five years. Crystal Palace Plumbers can advise on this issue.Recirculate Hot Water.This system uses its pump to push the hot water where it is needed, giving you some financial and energy benefits. Started up at the push of a small button, the thermostat, timer, or motion sensor, the pump begins to recirculate the cooled water sat in the?hotline sending it back to the water heater through the?cold?water line. Instead of allowing the cold water to go down the drain, it goes back to the water heater. A Crystal Palace Plumber is qualified to fit all kinds of green appliances.Recover Heat.A heat recovery system is a fixture a plumber sits under the drain in your bath or shower. The system recovers the heat out of the water that goes down the drain and circulates the heat not the water back to the showerhead or water heater

April 12, 2014

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