Disconnecting a Speed Fitting

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1). To disconnect youll first need to unlock the fitting by turning the screwcap anticlockwise until you can see a small gap and feel some resistance. If clips have been added youll have to remove these as well, using a flat headed screwdriver to flick them out. Crystal Palace Plumbers carry out all plumbing work.2). Now press down on the collet at the end of the fitting. You can do this with your fingers, but you can also get a little plastic collet release tool if you need one.3). Pull and the pipe should come away from the fitting. Sadly, when it does this the plastic super-seal insert is usually left behind in the fitting and to get it out you need to dismantle the fitting completely.4). To do this turn the screwcap anticlockwise until you feel resistance and then just carry on turning, you may have to hold the middle of the fitting steady with a pair of pump pliers. The screwcap will now start to unscrew from the fitting.5). Once youve released this screwcap youll be able to remove the pipe insert, and when you do this youll normally also pull out the black O ring seal and the blue plastic ring at the same time. You need to make sure these go back in place properly, the blackO ring first and the blue ring on top of it. A Crystal Palace Plumber is qualified for this job.6). You can now put the screwcap back on and twist it clockwise. Once again youll meet some resistance so give it another twist to overcome this and the screwcap is on again. The great thing about these fittings is they work just as well with copper pipes, the only difference being you dont get any little markers to tell you if the fitting is in properly and you dont need the pipe inserts to support the copper tube.

April 10, 2014

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