Blocked Shower Crystal Palace

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There is nothing worse than showering and all of a sudden the water is creeping up your legs. The drain has just clogged so you quickly rinse and jump out of the standing water. Over time slush builds up in the pipes from soap, hair and anything else that can find its way down the drain. Instead of panicking, rest assure everything you will probably need to handle this nasty task is probably already in your home. You will need to bail the standing water first so you can easily see what you are doing. When the water has been removed now you are ready to carefully remove the stopper. Most can easily be unscrewed with a simply twist ad light pull. Some might have screws in place that will need to come out first. Get a sturdy wire and bend the end like a fish hook. Insert the wire into the drain and move it around. It should easily hook any hair that is standing there and pull it right out. If the hair just is too tangled to come out easily then a pair of scissors or a utility knife can cut it in half. Make sure and throw the hair into the trash so it does not clog the drain again. Continue the process until everything has been removed. If the water starts draining then the problem has been fixed and you are ready to put the drain stopped back in place. There are times though the clog is deeper in the pipes and you will need the assistance of a plumber. These professionals can come at a time that is convenient for you. Once they show it is usually just a matter of minutes before they know how to unblock a Blocked Shower Crystal Palace!

May 7, 2016

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